ESXi 虚拟机无法重启

执行进程查看,可查看到每个虚机对应的进程# esxcli vm process list|more

# esxcli vm process kill --type=hard --world-id=40008824

杀死类型有三种:有三种类型,SOFT是杀死虚机进程。HARD是强制杀死,类似KILL -9. FORCE是杀死整个虚机。

# esxcli vm process kill --type=Error: Missing required parameter -w|--world-id
Usage: esxcli vm process kill [cmd options]
Description:   kill                  
Used to forcibly kill Virtual Machines that are stuck                        
and not responding to normal stop operations.
Cmd options:  -t|--type=<str>      
The type of kill operation to attempt. There are three                        
types of VM kills that can be attempted:   [soft,                        hard, force]. Users should always attempt 'soft' kills                        
first, which will give the VMX process a chance to                        shutdown cleanly (like kill or kill -SIGTERM). If that                        
does not work move to 'hard' kills which will shutdown                        
the process immediately (like kill -9 or kill                        -SIGKILL). 'force' should be used as a last resort                        attempt to kill the VM. If all three fail then a                        reboot is required. (required)  -w|--world-id=<long>  The World ID of the Virtual Machine to kill. This can                        be obtained from the 'vm process list' command
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