Install Hyper-V in windows 2008 R2 Enterprise Server Manager-add roles

Select Hyper-V

PS.Installation need reboot

Create virtual machineHyper-V manager

Action-New-Virtual Machine

Name of virtual machine



Hard Disk

Install options


Tips: release mouse press”ctrl+alt+ ←” 补充以下 J, 下面Hyper-V成功安装 VM能正常运行是需要前提条件的 ,也就是你的硬件要支持虚拟化,需要在 BIOS中启用对虚拟化的支持。具体如下 :

  1. BIOS(RBSU) 中enable No-Execute, 如下图:
  2. BIOS 中启用Processor的 Virtualization,例如Intel Virtualization Technology 或者AMD  Virtualization(AMD-V),参考下图 (针对Intel processor) :

若上述没有启用会提示如下错误或者无法正常运行的提示信息 : the installer reports that the server does not contain the required hardware support或者The message will indicate that the virtual machine could not be started because the hypervisor is not running.或者cannot start the virtual machine

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